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Asbestos Testing 

& Asbestos Surveys

At EWB Consultants we offer cost effective solutions to identify and manage any potential asbestos risk at your home, rental property or business premise. With BOHS IP402 Qualified Surveyors and Suitably Qualified & Experienced Practitioners (SQEP), our staff are able to assist with projects from a single asbestos sample or asbestos in soils, to a full Asbestos Survey, Asbestos Register, or Asbestos Management Plan. 

More Info:

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos has been recognised as the number one workplace killer in New Zealand. While Asbestos can be very dangerous if you are exposed to friable materials, it can be quite simple to identify and manage any potential risks around your home and business. Houses built, or that have had work done, between 1950 and 2000 are quite likely to contain asbestos containing materials (ACMs).
New Zealand Legislation that came in to force in April 2018 (Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations) states that all property owners, residential landlords and businesses have a duty to identify asbestos and prepare an asbestos management plan for work involving a risk of exposure to respirable asbestos fibres. Testing for asbestos in soil is also a common requirement by Council as part of asbestos removal validation. 


Asbestos Surveys

EWB Consultants are qualified to conduct the following surveys:​

  •    Asbestos Management Survey

  •    Asbestos Refurbishment Survey

  •    Asbestos Demolition Survey

All Asbestos Surveys are conducted following the Good Practice Guidelines ‘Conducting Asbestos Surveys’ published by WorkSafe October 2016 and HSG 264, a document produced by the Health & Safety Executive in the UK and are conducted by IP402 Qualified Surveyors.

All asbestos surveys include an assessment of asbestos or potential asbestos within the building or area of planned works using a state of the art electronic survey program created by EWB Consultants, a material risk assessment of any asbestos or potential asbestos identified and a comprehensive professional report detailing the findings.

Not sure what type of survey you need? GIve us a call to discuss your project.

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Asbestos Management Plans

In conjunction with the property owner or PCBU, EWB Consultants will create a detailed and professional Asbestos Management Plan.  This plan includes a priority risk assessment of the ACMs present and details how to best manage them. This plan adheres to all NZ Legislation with regard to Asbestos Buildings.

With years of experience we offer a quick, concise and professional service that will allow you to understand and deal appropriately with any risk that may be present. We are an independent consultancy; we are not affiliated with any asbestos removal companies and do not offer any asbestos removal services

Mangement Plans

Why Choose EWB Consultants:


  • Tertiary Qualified Staff

  • 20+ Years experience

  • IP402 Qualified Asbestos Surveyors 

  • Suitably Qualified & Experienced Practitioners (SQEPs)


  • Big enough to deliver expert service, small enough to provide competitive pricing

  • Save time and money by combining investigations


  • Streamlined processes

  • Up to date technology

  • Concise health & safety plans

  • Experienced staff, with reliable and sound recommendations to enable cost savings wherever possible


  • Quick Turnaround on every project

  • Urgent Turnaround available on request

  • Get just what you need, and nothing you don't: From single tests to full investigations

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