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Soil Testing & Contaminated Land

  • Soil Testing for Contaminants

  • Preliminary & Detailed Site Investigations

  • Remediation Action Plan

  • Long Term Management

  • Validation Sampling & Reporting

Test Kits

  • Soil Contamination

  • Soil Nutrients

  • Water

  • Asbestos

  • Lead-Based Paint

  • Foliage

Air Quality Testing 

  • Whole Air Sampling for Contaminants

  • Portable PID Volatile Analysis

  • Landfill Gas Monitoring

Water Testing

  • Contamination Testing

  • Drinking Water Testing

  • Groundwater & Stream Sampling & Monitoring

  • Stormwater Outlet and Pond Sampling

  • Wastewater & Leachate Monitoring

Our Investigations

All Contaminated Land investigations are carried out under strict adherence to the National Environmental Standards for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NES), and Ministry for the Environment (MfE) Contaminated Land Management Guidelines (CLMG), and Council requirements for testing and remediating contaminated sites. Where asbestos is suspected or encountered, BRANZ The New Zealand Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Asbestos in Soil is strictly followed.

All water testing investigations are undertaken in accordance with the New Zealand National Environmental Monitoring Standards (NEMS) and/or US Environmental Protection Authority

All asbestos testing and survey investigations are carried out in accordance with the NZ Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016. Asbestos Surveys are conducted following the Good Practice Guidelines ‘Conducting Asbestos Surveys’ published by WorkSafe October 2016 and “HSG 264 Asbestos the Survey Guide”, a document produced by the Health & Safety Executive in the UK.”

Contaminated Land reports and documents are prepared as "Council Ready" – Simply hand them to your planner or straight to the Council as part of your consenting process.

Why Choose EWB Consultants:


  • Tertiary Qualified Staff

  • 20+ Years Experience

  • Asbestos Trained & Qualified

  • Suitably Qualified & Experienced Practitioners (SQEPs)


  • Big enough to deliver expert service, small enough to provide competitive pricing

  • Save time and money by combining investigations


  • Streamlined processes

  • Up to date technology

  • Concise health & safety plans

  • Experienced staff, with reliable and sound recommendations to enable cost savings wherever possible


  • Quick Turnaround on every project

  • Urgent Turnaround available on request

  • Get just what you need, and nothing you don't: From single tests to full investigations

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