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Air Testing

EWB Consultants offers Air Sampling for a range of applications: Chemical, Gas, Biological and Particulate. 

EWB Consultants are able to determine air quality for a wide range of contaminants or for a chosen set of analytes. An assessment of the building or area is undertaken in conjunction with a discussion with relevant personnel prior to sampling in order to determine the best sampling methodology and contaminants for testing. 

In-situ volatile testing using a photoionization detector (PID or MiniRAE) is undertaken inside buildings or in contaminated soils to give an indication of volatile contaminants that may be present.

Landfill gas monitoring is undertaken using a portable landfill gas analyser and ground gas spiking within the soil.

Mould Testing

A Mould Test will help identify the obvious and unseen mould outbreaks that could be putting your health at risk, like the dreaded black mould (stachybotrys).

If you, your family, tenants, staff or premise have any of the following symptoms, then your building may have hidden mould issues:

Allergies/Allergy Symptoms
Dry, scaly skin
Often Sick or Unwell
Constantly under the weather
Breathing difficulties/Asthma/Wheezing


“Crying” Windows
Visible Mould or Mildew
Musty Odour
Always Humid or Damp

EWB Consultants offer surface testing of visible mould to indicate mould species, toxicity and growth rate. As well as surface testing, EWB Consultants can undertake Air Mould Spore Trap Sampling which can pick up those hidden moulds as well as the obvious ones; to determine the health & safety risk to the occupants in the building.

Why Choose EWB Consultants:


  • Tertiary Qualified Staff

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  • IP402 Qualified Asbestos Surveyors 

  • Suitably Qualified & Experienced Practitioners (SQEPs)


  • Big enough to deliver expert service, small enough to provide competitive pricing

  • Save time and money by combining investigations


  • Streamlined processes

  • Up to date technology

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  • Experienced staff, with reliable and sound recommendations to enable cost savings wherever possible


  • After Hours service available

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  • Get just what you need, and nothing you don't: From single tests to full investigations