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Air Testing

EWB Consultants offers Air Sampling for a range of applications: Chemical, Gas, Biological and Particulate. 

EWB Consultants are able to determine air quality for a wide range of contaminants or for a chosen set of analytes. An assessment of the building or area is undertaken in conjunction with a discussion with relevant personnel prior to sampling in order to determine the best sampling methodology and contaminants for testing. 

In-situ volatile testing using a photoionization detector (PID or MiniRAE) is undertaken inside buildings or in contaminated soils to give an indication of volatile contaminants that may be present.

Landfill gas monitoring is undertaken using a portable landfill gas analyser and ground gas spiking within the soil.


Why Choose EWB Consultants:


  • Tertiary Qualified Staff

  • 20+ Years Experience

  • Asbestos Trained & Qualified

  • Suitably Qualified & Experienced Practitioners (SQEPs)


  • Big enough to deliver expert service, small enough to provide competitive pricing

  • Save time and money by combining investigations


  • Streamlined processes

  • Up to date technology

  • Concise health & safety plans

  • Experienced staff, with reliable and sound recommendations to enable cost savings wherever possible


  • Quick Turnaround on every project

  • Urgent Turnaround available on request

  • Get just what you need, and nothing you don't: From single tests to full investigations

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